Family Wellbeing Program


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“[My grandson] and I have had a lot of positive and fun bonding time together, because of MBQ Family Wellbeing Programs. [The coordinator] was excellent and succeeded in making things fun & educational.”

Vanda Lee Spencer


The Family Well-Being Program strives to promote overall well-being for the individuals that make up our beautiful community through support, encouragement, family and community togetherness.


Key Messages

Skennen, Ka’nikonhriyo, Ka’satstenhsera

The Family Well-Being Program works with Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte families, programs and service providers in order to support, advocate, assist and/or co-ordinate to provide support in a variety of ways.

Programs & Services

Family Support

If there is a service that is needed for the well-being of your family, we can help by providing support in finding services, helping with applications, assisting to navigate systems, or simply helping to find answers to any questions you may have.


We can refer you to other programs or service providers that specialize in the area in which you need support

Family Programming

(where gaps exist) We offer various community programming from one day events, to on-going programs that promote wellbeing and family/community togetherness.

Jordan’s Principle

We can assist with the Jordan’s Principle application and will provide on-going support through out the process